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Related article: Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2010 06:00:37 -0700 (PDT) From: Thomas Gaige Subject: Aaron Gets His Wish - Chapter 19Copyrighted 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010: This story is protected under US copyright law. No part of it may be reproduced in any way without the express written consent of the author. The author grants and its mirror sites permission to post the story on their websites.DISCLAIMER: The following story is FICTIONAL. It contains descriptions of homosexual activities. If you are not over 18 years of age, or if you find this type of story offensive, or viewing this material is illegal where you are, then please DO NOT READ IT! If you choose to read it, then - I hope you enjoy it! Aaron Gets His Wish Chapter NineteenAs you'll recall, we left off in our last chapter Preteen Incest with Aaron having heard from Kyle that Mark might actually be gay. As it had always been Aaron's wish to be intimate with Mark, he spent most of the evening he heard this from Kyle, trying to figure out a way to determine if this was true or not. Later that night, as a violent electrical storm blew in, and with their parents, and Gran all away overnight, Aaron became nervous over all the thunder and lightning. As the storm hit full force, he came up with an idea - one that would both quell his fears over the storm, and at the Preteen Incest same time, help him figure out if Mark was really gay or not, and if he was gay - maybe help Aaron to finally get his wish! Immediately he put his plan into action. Quickly he went to Mark's room. As Mark slept, Aaron stripped his clothes off, and naked, he crawled into bed with Mark, who was also fully nude. In his sleep, as Aaron carefully snuggled toward Mark, Mark sensed Aaron's presence, and wrapped a comforting arm around him. Happily, but with a hardon, Aaron had drifted off to sleep, no longer nervous over the storm, and having a plan for figuring out in the morning if Mark was gay or not! He prayed Kyle was right, and that his wish would finally come true!We pick up our story now the next morning, the storm having passed through, and the two boys alone at home yet, still sleeping snuggled together in Mark's bed...Slowly Mark woke to the sound of birds twittering, and sun streaming into the room, through the cracks around the edges of the curtains.Feeling Aaron wrapped in his arms, Mark smiled. It had been a while since Aaron had crawled into bed with him, and it felt nice having him there. For a few minutes Mark luxuriated in the warmth that radiated from Aaron, and at the touch of the younger boy's bare, smooth skin, as he pressed up against him. Immediately, his already semi-hard penis, which was lying pointing up toward his face, pressed into the groove between Aaron's soft buttocks, began to puff up to its fully erect state. Mark drew in a breath as his cock flexed and rubbed upward a little in Aaron's crack, then slid back down again as he relaxed. Mark's face was lying directly behind Aaron's head, and his nose was buried in Aaron's silky hair. As he breathed in, Aaron's boyish scent filled Mark's nostrils, again causing his penis to burgeon for a moment. Mark's smile broadened, and he sighed silently and happily to himself again, wishing the moment could continue forever.Mark lay still not moving for some time, thoroughly enjoying the intimacy of holding his naked step-brother in his arms, as the boy slept peacefully on.After several minutes went by, Aaron began to stir a little though. As he twisted a little, Mark relaxed his hold on him, so that he could turn. A moment later, Aaron was laying face down on the bed, leaving Mark feeling disappointed that he was starting to wake up. After Aaron settled, Mark, moved carefully up against him and draped an arm over his back. He hoped maybe Aaron would drift back into a full sleep, so he could continue to enjoy their intimacy.Shortly, Mark realized Aaron was still sleeping, and he smiled again to himself. His smile broadened a minute or two later when Aaron began grunting and softly murmuring unintelligble words. Obviously he was dreaming. After a few seconds, Mark heard Aaron clearly say Kyle's name. He wondered what Aaron was dreaming about.Mark's eyes widened a little a moment later when Aaron began to move his hips up and down a little. He was clearly humping the mattress! A few seconds later he gave a soft gasp, which was followed by a low, deep moan. He was having a sex dream, and a good one at that! As Mark watched, Aaron's arousal grew, and a smile spread over Mark's lips, as his eyes returned to normal. Suddenly he remembered that Aaron had just said Kyle's name, and he looked thoughtful. Was Aaron having a sex dream involving Kyle?"mmmm... suck faster!" Aaron moaned softly, causing Mark's smile to broaden.Aaron's hips began to move a little faster then."Kyyylle!" Aaron half moaned - half whined, and Mark's grin disappeared, as his eyes and mouth opened in surprise."Holy Shit!" Mark thought. "I bet he and Kyle've been fooling around afterall! That'd explain why they're together all the time.... and why Aaron's been so happy lately!"Mark's expression became thoughtful again, and he was surprised when he realized he felt a pang of jealousy. Aaron was probably getting all the action he wanted, while he, wasn't getting any! And why would Aaron choose Kyle over him? His cock surged with desire then, as he recalled the time he and Aaron had masturbated together. It had been awesome! He wished he'd done something at the time, so they continued fooling around together, but he hadn't. All Mark wanted to do right then was to roll over on top of Aaron, shove his penis deep inside him, and fuck his brains out!Mark scowled disgustedly realizing that of course he couldn't do that.As his scowl faded into a depressed frown, Aaron began to hump the bed faster, and with more force, and his gasps and grunts started coming more frequently.Suddenly, both jealous over the fact Aaron was apparently getting sex, and frequently at that - and not with him, and not thrilled over the thought he might have to change and launder his bedding if Aaron didn't stop and blew his load all over the sheets, Mark rolled onto his back, closed his eyes, and delivered a sharp jab into Aaron's ribs with his elbow."Whhaaaa???" Aaron gasped, his Preteen Incest head shooting up from the pillow, and swiveling in Mark's direction.As Aaron panted for breath, and looked around wildly for a moment, squinting to focus, Mark kept his eyes shut, and breathed as shallowly as possible, hoping Aaron would think he was still sleeping."Fuck!" Aaron gasped, dropping his head back on the pillow, when he realized there wasn't anything wrong. Why the hell did he have to wake up, just as he was going to blow his load down Kyle's throat?As Aaron continued to silently berate whatever caused him to wake up, and lose out on the finish of a great sex dream, his body relaxed and his breathing began to slow.As Aaron's breathing returned to normal, he stared at Mark, who was sleeping peacefully."Guess it's a good thing I did wake up," He thought, ruefully. "I wouldn't want to make a mess in Mark's bed anyway."A moment later, he smiled as he remembered that Mark might be gay, and he was going to try and find out if he was."Better to save myself anyway - Just in case!" he thought, grinning.A moment later, he whispered, "Psst! Mark! You awake?"Mark wasn't expecting Aaron to speak, and nearly "woke up". Fortunately, Aaron hadn't whispered too loudly and didn't scare Mark enough so that he did jerk and open his eyes. He forced himself to continue breathing shallowly, pretending to be asleep, hoping maybe Aaron would fall back asleep and resume his, "nearly wet", dream.Aaron was wide awake by then though. As Mark "slept on", Aaron became cognisant of the fact his dick was still raging with desire, and gently he humped his hips up and down letting the underside of his member, rub against the mattress a little.Finally, bored with humping the mattress, Aaron rolled onto his side, so he was facing Mark. Instantly, his hand moved to his crotch and he began fondling himself, as he watched Mark "sleep". With all the stimulation, and not having gotten off yet, he couldn't take his mind off his desires. As he played with himself, Aaron couldn't stop wishing Mark would just wake up, so he could interrogate him about his sexuality!After a couple minutes of fondling his genitals, Aaron was nearly ready to cum. Seriously frustrated, but still not wanting to make a mess, he let go of his prick. He smiled a moment later though when he noticed the lump sticking up under the blankets where Mark's penis would be. Instantly, Aaron wanted to reach over under the covers, and feel Mark's masculinity.As Mark "slept", Aaron couldn't focus on anything but reaching over to feel Mark's penis!Finally, after staring intently at Mark to make sure he was really asleep, Aaron couldn't help himself, and his left hand began to slowly move toward Mark under the covers.Mark almost yelped and jumped up off the mattress when he felt Aaron's hand rub past his left hip, but he caught himself just in time, and Aaron didn't even see him stir. A moment later, Mark almost sighed out loud when he suddenly felt Aaron wrap his hand around his long, thick manhood, and gently begin pumping up and down. Again though, he managed to contain himself! He couldn't stop his cock from flexing with excitement though as Aaron's hand pumped up and down it. Aaron's hand felt awesome!When Aaron first wrapped his hand around Mark's member, a look of surprise replaced the nervous look on his face. He'd forgotten how long and fat Mark's dick had felt when he held the time before when they'd experimented together. A smile soon crept over Aaron's lips though, and his penis surged, as Mark continued "sleeping" and he started gently pumping up and down on his hardon."He's gotta be gay!" Mark thought jubilantly, as shivers of pleasure ricocheted through his body, as Aaron masturbated him! Instantly, Mark wanted to "wake up" and reach for Aaron's dick too, but he wasn't sure if it would be a good idea to do so... of course Aaron was playing with his dick, so....Suddenly, Mark was even more surprised, when Aaron, who was so horny he simply couldn't restrain himself, began to gently pull the covers off him. As the cooler air in the room swept over his skin, Mark's nipples became pointier. At the same time he felt Aaron moving a little. As he was unable to open his eyes, he couldn't tell what the boy was doing.A moment later though, Mark was completely shocked when he suddenly felt the warm wetness of Aaron's mouth engulfing the head of his raging member!Aaron was so aroused over what he was doing that a droplet of precum began to ooze out of his own piss slit. A moment later though, his penis began shrinking a little, due to the mild terror he was feeling at being so bold. What would happen if Mark woke up? As worried as he was, Aaron was beyond the point of reason and past the point of return though. All he could think about was pleasuring Mark enough, so hopefully, without waking up, the older boy would have a wet dream, and cum in his mouth! Aaron was desperate to taste a mouthful of Mark's cum!It had been so long since Mark had had sex with anyone, and Aaron's mouth felt so awesome on him, even though Aaron could only get about half of Mark's nine inches in his mouth, that even though Mark knew he should "wake up" and discuss with Aaron what he was doing, he couldn't bring himself to do what was right. Instead, Mark remained "asleep", and let Aaron continue felating him.Aaron couldn't believe Mark wasn't waking up, but was elated he wasn't. With his mouth open as wide as it could be to accommodate Mark's girth, and with the tip of Mark's penis settling into the top of his throat and fully cutting off his airway with each of Aaron's downward strokes, Aaron continued sucking slowly and gently up and down on the top half of Mark's cock. At the same time, to make up for the fact he couldn't handle all of Mark's length, he had wrapped his hand around the lower half of Mark's cock and was gently pumping up and down on it as well, in unison with his mouth strokes.Due to how careful Aaron was being not to wake him, and how slowly and gently, Aaron was sucking and pumping him, Aaron's blow job felt more sensual to Mark than he remembered being on the receiving end of in a verly long time, and all Preteen Incest too soon, Mark felt a huge orgasm beginning to build up.A minute later, to his great delight, Aaron began to taste Mark's flavor as copious amounts of pre-cum began drooling from Mark's piss slit. Slowly and sensually Aaron continued to slide his hot wet mouth up and down as much of Mark's rigid pole as he could handle, causing Mark to clench his groin muscles more and more often, and more and more pre-seminal fluid to leak from his dick.As Aaron worked on him, Mark had to fight hard to remain calm and not start twitching and thrashing about, because Aaron was moving so carefully up and down his rod, which merely made the sensations he was feeling that much stronger, just like when he took his time and forced himself to jack off slower than his body wanted him to!Soon, Mark couldn't restrain himself though, and his hips began moving up and down. Alarmed, Aaron abruptly stopped blowing Mark, but didn't pull off of him. With his mouth still full of Mark's dick, and his hand still wrapped around the base of it, his eyes flew upward and he looked at Mark's face. Mark's hips stopped moving and his body relaxed again. Aside from his face looking pinker than usual, and his nostrils being open wider than normal, Mark appeared to still be asleep. Aaron waited though. Finally, after a minute, satisfied that Mark was still asleep, Aaron resumed sucking up and down on his penis, and pumping the base of it. He failed to notice the involuntary smile that crept over Mark's lips as he did so. A minute later, as Mark's hips began moving up and down again, much to Mark's relief, Aaron didn't bother to stop and check if he was still asleep. He continued sucking on Mark, who shortly was humping his hips up and down so much, he was literally fucking Aaron's mouth, as Aaron continued to sensually suck on him."OOohhmmpph!" Mark gasped finally, as softly as he could, although his head snapped involuntarily to the left and upward a little, as he suddenly tensed up, and instantly fired the biggest load of semen he'd ever shot, more strongly than he'd ever shot it, out of his penis, and into Aaron's mouth.Fortunately, Aaron only had the head of Mark's penis in his mouth when it erupted, or he would have gagged, and some of it might have blasted into his windpipe! He had never felt a blast of semen hit the back of his throat with so much force, and whenever Kyle came in his mouth, he had never blown so much spunk all at once either! Aaron's mouth was completely flooded with Mark's warm, delicately salty, syrupy cum! Mark had blown so much jism into Aaron's mouth, that some began to leak out around the corners of Aaron's lips. Aaron was overjoyed though to finally taste his older step-brother's love fluid, and his own cock flexed violently with arousal, and began drooling more pre-cum.Luckily, with all the experience he had from sucking Kyle's cock, Aaron had the quick presence of mind to realize Mark would be blasting another huge load of semen into his mouth right away, so he quickly swallowed as much of what was in his mouth as he could, and at the same time he continued to move his head and hand up and down on Mark's cock."uuhhh..." Mark whimpered as quietly as he could, fighting to remain as calm as possible and still appear to be "sleeping", when he blew a second, nearly as large load, almost as forcefully, through his urethra, again painting Aaron's tonsils, and filling his mouth. Again, Aaron quickly swallowed. And again he continued sliding up and down on Mark's hardon.Over the next several seconds, Mark tensed and exploded a few more times, while Aaron continued working on him, happily swallowing each mouthful of goodness, until eventually, Mark's orgasm, one of the most powerful ones he remembered ever having, finally ended. When it did, Aaron continued sucking on Mark's penis, professionally waiting for Mark's final spasm of pleasure. When it came, Mark twitched violently, and groaned with joy, and Aaron tasted a final glob of Mark's precious fluid. He savored it a moment, as he sucked up and down on Mark's cock a couple more times yet, then on his final upward stroke, he swallowed it, as his lips dried Mark's member. Quickly then he moved out from between Mark's legs, and crawled back up beside Mark. He was surprised, but very grateful, that Mark continued "sleeping", although, Aaron did see a slight smile on his lips. This caused Aaron to smile too, as he settled down carefully next to Mark again, delirious over the fact he'd actually successfully sucked his older brother off, without waking him! His smile faded though as he realized his own hardness hadn't been relieved as well. * * *A moment later, as Aaron lay contemplating what to do about his arousal, he literally flew upward off the mattress, and his head snapped right, toward Mark, when Mark suddenly asked "Taste good?"Feeling a sudden sense of terror, Aaron's heart began racing as he stared in horror at Mark, whose eyes suddenly opened, as his head turned, so he was facing him.As Mark looked at him with no discernable expression on his face, Aaron was suddenly certain he'd made a grave error, and immediately felt intense mortification. He was sure Kyle had screwed him over, making him believe Mark was gay, when he was really straight, and now that he'd foolishly acted upon his desires, he was certain he'd irrevocably destroyed his relationship with his step-brother!The two stared at each other for what seemed an eternity to Aaron, but had actually only been a couple of seconds. Then, certain he'd ruined everything, he felt tears start welling in his eyes.Mark saw the horrified look of embarrassment on his younger step-brother's face, and the tears welling in his eyes, and he suddenly felt bad for having allowed things to go as far as they had. ..... Well....... maybe not. It had afterall been one of the best blow jobs he'd ever experienced! Never-the-less, he felt awful for having let Aaron know he knew about it, and for causing him so much apparent agony."It's OK!" Mark said, gently, his expression quickly becoming benevolent.He was too late with his attempt to console Aaron though. Just as he spoke, Aaron snapped his head around and quickly rolled away from Mark, and onto his side, hoping Mark wouldn't see the tears that had begun streaming from his eyes.Mark's chest felt heavier when he heard Aaron's soft whimpers and sniffles, and he saw Aaron's body trmbling. Aaron was crying!"Hey!" Mark said, reaching for Aaron's shoulder. "Shhhh.... It's OK!"Aaron was nearly sobbing by then though, and didn't hear him. He felt Mark's touch though, and flinched, as Mark's hand gently gripped his bare shoulder. A wave of fear shot through Aaron. Would Mark hurt him for what he'd done?"Shh... It's OK! Really!" Mark murmured softly, moving over so he was laying right behind Aaron."It's OK!" he said again, a little more firmly, as he wrapped an arm around Aaron's torso and hugged the boy to him.Feeling Mark's gentle embrace, and his warm breath on his ear, Aaron was instantly confused. His crying subsided substantially, and he lay trying to listen to Mark, wondering what the older boy was doing."It's OK!" Mark said again, gently squeezing him.Aaron snuffled and furrowed his brow. "It's OK?" he thought. What did Mark mean?His eyes opened wider as he felt Mark nuzzle the side of his neck. He was shocked when Mark's lips suddenly pressed against his skin and Mark kissed him."It's OK!" Mark said again soothingly, again squeezing him.For a moment, the two lay still, Mark hugging his naked step-brother against him. As they did, Mark wondered just what to say to Aaron to make him feel better, and Aaron wondered what was happening. How come Mark didn't mad at him?As Aaron's mind raced with possibilities, he suddenly thought "Of course... straight guys love a good blow job! Maybe they don't really care if it's from a girl or a guy!. After all, a mouth's a mouth, and both should feel the same!""So, I guess you're gay? Huh?" Mark asked then, in a gentle tone.Aaron's heart sped up a little again. It should have been obvious to Mark that he was. What straight guy would suck off another guy? But, why didn't he seem upset about being molested in his sleep?When Aaron didn't respond, Mark added, "It's OK if you are!"Aaron suddenly felt some of the tension in his body release."Really?" he asked shakily, after a pregnant pause."Yeah," Mark said, in a soothing tone.Even though Aaron couldn't see Mark's smile, he thought he could hear in the way Mark was speaking that he was smiling. A little more of the tension left his slight body."S-so... it's OK with you if I'm gay?" Aaron asked cautiously."Yes!" Mark said, still smiling."Um... w-what about what I just did?" Aaron asked, even more cautiously, and cringing a little to himself.He was shocked when Mark chuckled a little."Well," Mark snorted. "That was one of the best blow jobs I've ever had!""Really?" Aaron asked instantly, surprised both that Mark didn't seem upset at all, and at what he'd said. Was he really that good at sucking? Or hadn't Mark had any good blow jobs before?"Oh yeah!" Preteen Incest Mark drawled, chuckling a little again. Then, as if reading Aaron's mind, he added "and I've had plenty of world class ones before!"Aaron's eyes widened for a moment. Suddenly he had a thought though. Mark had never mentioned a girlfriend before! Maybe Kyle was right! Maybe he was gay!Aaron's heart rate increased again as he contemplated whether or not to ask the question that was on the tip of his tongue.Finally, he couldn't stand the suspense any longer, and he decided asking the question wouldn't be half as bad as sucking Mark's cock while he slept, so he blurted, "From girls or guys?"Mark was a little surprised by Aaron's question. He figured Aaron would think he meant he'd received them from girls. Then again, he realized Aaron might have decided since he was OK with him being gay and sucking on his dick, that maybe he figured out that he was gay too. Mark thought a moment, wondering what to say. Suddenly he realized he was being an idiot. He'd just discovered Aaron was gay - which was something he'd wondered about, and actually wished was true for as long as he'd known him. What the Hell was he waiting for? He knew he could trust the boy with his secrets, and... if both of them were gay and knew about each other, who knew what the possibilities might be??? Obviously Aaron was willing and horny enough to have sex with him - afterall he'd just swallowed several mouthfuls of his cum!Mark grinned then and said, "Guys of course Silly!"Aaron's eyes widened for a second, then as they returned to normal, a smile started to spread across his lips. Kyle was right! Mark was gay! He wasn't upset about the blow job either! And... Aaron thought, his smile quickly broadening, as he suddenly felt Mark's sex organ pressing a little more firmly against him, he's getting horned up again too! Breaking into a full and relieved grin, Aaron suddenly realized that his own penis, which had gone completely flacid, was beginning to plump up again too.Snuffling, Aaron quickly rubbed his eyes and nose dry, then spun around to face Mark, who to his joy, was smiling at him."So you're gay too?" Aaron asked, sounding a little shocked yet.Smiling benevolently, Mark nodded."Oh my God!" Aaron cried, tears welling in his eyes again, this time out of relief and joy, rather than fear and despair. "I've wished for so long that you were gay too! I was so afraid to tell you I am, because I thought you were straight, that you'd hate me if you found out!"Mark's smile morphed into a look of sad acceptance, and he said, "I've been feeling the exact same thing about you too!"His lips trembling slightly, all Aaron could do was pull himself up against Mark and bury his face against Mark's breast, as his body shuddered, and he heaved single sob of relief. As Aaron buried himself against Mark, Mark smiled, both out of sadness over the mutual situation that had existed between them, and happiness that Aaron was gay too, and that finally they were both "out" to each other!Sighing, Mark wrapped his arms around Aaron and hugged him."I'm glad we both know about each other now!" he said, then he tilted his head downward and kissed Aaron on the top of his head."I love you Mark!" Aaron said spontaneously, in a soft, yet somewhat hesitant tone."I love you too Aar!" Mark said, smiling. He hugged Aaron more tightly.Grinning joyously, and with more tears suddenly forming in his eyes, Aaron pressed his arms between the mattress and Mark's body, and slung the other around Mark, and he hugged him back as well.The two lay together embracing each other then for several seconds, each awash with relief and happiness, and wondering where their newfound knowledge might take them.After a minute or so, first Mark, then Aaron felt each other's penis beginning to harden, as they lay pressed between them.Chuckling, Mark said, "Guess you're still horny, since you didn't get off earlier!"Aaron chuckled too and said, "Yeah, but you feel horny again too!""Yup!" Mark said, grinning, and pulling away from Aaron a little. As Aaron looked up at Mark, Mark asked, "So... you gave me a good time a while ago... how'd you like me to give you one now?"Instantly Aaron's heart began to race, as his penis quickly finished filling with blood."Really?" He asked, his hardon flexing. He was barely able to believe his ears."Sure!" Mark snorted. "I mean, Christ. We know we're both gay now. And you just sucked me off. So.... why wouldn't I want to do you now too?"With his eyes glistening, and his penis burgeoning, Aaron nodded, as he grinned the biggest grin that Mark had ever seen on his face."Cool!" Mark said, his smile turning into a leer. Then wiggling his eyebrows up and down he added "Lay back then and let me see how you taste!"Still grinning, and his cock throbbing with desire, Aaron rolled onto his back, and pulled himself up a little on the bed, so his head was laying on one of Mark's pillows. Then, as Mark started to move lower on the bed, with anticipation, Aaron spread his legs apart, drawing his knees up a little."Oh yeah!" Mark drawled, as he crawled between Aaron's boyishly pale, silky smooth, and practically hairless legs.Once he was settled on his knees and shins, with his buttocks resting on his heels as he leaned forward, Mark bent even further forward, so his face was just a few inches from Aaron's sex organs. As he did, Aaron's penis surge with excitement. As it hardened and increased in size slightly, Mark watched Aaron's balls, which he thought looked rather good-sized for a boy Aaron's age, pull upward inside his scrotal pouch. They remained held aloft, pulled tight against Aaron's body for a second or so, then as Aaron relaxed, they slid back down to the bottom of his slack, baby-smooth, and completely hairless nutsack.Mark leaned in further still, so his nose was almost touching Aaron's bag. As Mark let the air out of his lungs, Aaron felt his hot moist breath wash against his perineum and the bottom of his ass crack. Again his penis flexed with arousal. Mark's nose was so close to Aaron, that as Aaron's testicles pulled up inside his scrotum again, his left nut lightly touched the tip of Mark's nose! Mark's penis jerked upward when this happened. As both boys' kegel muscles relaxed, Mark breathed in deeply through his nose and smelled the musky scent of Aaron's crotch. Instantly, he felt his dick stiffen tightly again for a moment. Although he was used to seeing Aaron in the nude quite often, and he frequently slept naked with the boy, and had enjoyed their one-time mutual masturbatory experience, Mark had never been close enough to Aaron's cock and balls to really smell his masculinity to the extent he could smell it at that moment. Now that he was able to put his nose right up to Aaron's genitals and take his time to breath in freely and deeply, he finally was able to smell Aaron's "maleness". Aaron's scent wreaked of manliness, which both surprised and greatly excited Mark. He'd never thought of Aaron as a man. In Mark's mind, Aaron was only a boy yet. But Aaron's scent indicated otherwise. Aaron definitely smelled like a man, even though he looked only as if he'd just finished puberty, and Mark found the combination of his mature scent comingled with his adolescent looks, absolutely intoxicating and extremely arousing!"Nice!" he said softly, then he took another whiff of Aaron's balls, before he pulled backed a little and reached for Aaron's hardon, which was lying flat against his pelvis, pointing up toward his face.Aaron smiled and shivered slightly as Mark picked up his erection.Smiling as well, Mark carefully inspected Aaron's tool. As he did, it throbbed a little in time with Aaron's heartbeat, as Mark held it between his thumb and middle and forefingers. Aaron's cock felt "alive" and this too excited Mark.As he carefully scrutinized Aaron's penis, Mark marveled at its boyish beauty. It looked to be a little more than 5" long, with a pleasingly proportional girth. Mark grinned as he realized he would be able to deep throat Aaron!As Aaron was completely erect, his foreskin was pulled back all the way, completely stretched, and flattened along the shaft of his cock, so that it looked as if he was circumcized. Only the lack of a ring meat gave away the fact he wasn't.Beneath the surface running lengthwise along the underside of Aaron's penis, was his thick, vein-like urethra. Mark couldn't wait to taste the semen he knew would soon flow through it, and into his mouth!All of the skin covering Aaron's penis was cream colored, and blemish free. The head of his penis was classically mushroom-shaped, larger than the shaft, and darker in color. Its skin was smoother and more delicate though than that of Mark's glans. Mark looked curiously at Aaron's dickhead for a moment wondering why this was. After a minute, he reasoned that the skin on the head of Aaron's penis probably was more delicate and smooth because Aaron wasn't circumcized, and with the foreskin usually covering the glans, it was protected more, and therefore wouldn't be as thick and tough as his was, because he was circumcized, and his glans weren't ever covered by a foreskin.Mark continued holding and gazing at Aaron's dick for a moment longer, noticing that Aaron's piss slit was just that, an ordinary looking flat vertical slit, right at the tip of the head. He smiled as he noted it appeared to be slightly moist.As his gaze moved down Aaron's penis, Mark noted that Aaron's pubic bush seemed to be a little thicker than he recalled it being the last time he took a good look at it. Apparently Aaron was growing more body hair.Pleased with and excited by Aaron's cock, Mark leaned in a little and took another deep whiff of Aaron's muskiness. Then, as his own cock surged again, he wrapped his thumb and forefinger around the very base of Aaron's boner, flattening Aaron's pubic hair under his palm, and bringing his pole upright a little more. At the same time, Mark moved his mouth up over the tip of Aaron's dick, and second later, Aaron gasped, as Mark lowered his hot, wet mouth down over the entire length of his rigid shaft.As Mark's tongue slid over Aaron's cockhead, he tasted a slight saltiness, and his penis flexed again, knowing he'd just tasted Aaron's pre-jizz.Aaron's eyes closed and he emptied his lungs through pursed lips, which formed into a slight smile, then he moaned softly as Mark sensually began to slide up and down his stiffness, sending shivers of joy rocketing through his body.Automatically, Mark's free hand moved to Aaron's scrotum, which he cupped, gently lifting it away from his perineum, where it was languidly resting. As he sucked slowly up and down on Aaron, Mark began to gently roll the boy's testicles between his thumb and fingers."MMmmmm..." Aaron moaned softly, as immediately he began to feel his orgasm forming, while Mark's velvet smooth warm wetness glided up and down his manhood, and Mark gently fondled his nuts. He couldn't believe Mark was actually sucking his cock, nor how awesome his mouth felt!Aaron's eyes flew wide open as he suddenly felt one of Mark's fingers gently begin prodding the base of his ass crack. Smiling, Aaron knowingly pulled his legs outward and upward a little more, in order to make it easier for Mark's finger to probe into his crevice.Mark smiled slightly as he continued sucking on Aaron, when he realized the boy was inviting him to finger his hole! Immediately, he abandoned Aaron's nut sack, which had begun shrinking a little as it began pulling up closer to Aaron's body. Gently Mark pressed his middle finger between Aaron's buttocks. He was a little surprised when Aaron suddenly reached for his butt cheeks and pulled them apart for him. Smiling a little more though, he quickly pushed his middle finger deeper into Aaron's wider groove, and a second later, he felt Aaron's pucker contract under his fingertip as he touched it. At the same time, he felt Aaron's penis expand in size slightly in his mouth, as Aaron groaned softly. A moment later, he tasted a bit more saltiness. Obviously the boy enjoyed anal play! Mark's cock flexed violently as he realized this.Mark began sucking a little harder and faster on Preteen Incest Aaron's penis then, and his finger began rubbing his pucker. Shortly, Aaron's hips began to move up and down, and he began gasping for breath a little. At the same time, Mark began tasting more saltiness.Shortly Aaron was close to cumming, and was breathing very heavily. His hips were moving up and down even faster. Mark sensed the closeness of Aaron's climax, and wondered if Aaron had ever experimented with actually inserting a finger inside himself. He wanted to press his finger up inside Aaron and massage his prostate, but didn't want to scare or hurt the boy either.After a few Preteen Incest more seconds, Mark felt Aaron's anus contracting and releasing regularly as he fought to hold off his orgasm, and he decided to give Aaron the most pleasure possible. Quickly as Aaron's sphincter relaxed the next time, he pressed firmly against Aaron's anus.Aaron's eyes opened wide, and a partial grin spread over his lips, as he felt Mark's digit enter his rectum."UUUMMmmmm!!" He groaned, as Mark reached for and gently, but deftly began rubbing his prostate gland, as he continued swiftly sucking up and down his stiff rod.Mark loved the feeling of Aaron's asshole clenching and relaxing around his finger as he rubbed the little nub on the front wall of Aaron's rectum. He knew Aaron was enjoying it too, because he tasted even more delicate saltiness in his mouth!Mark sped up his sucking and rubbing a little then, and began to pump the base of Aaron's cock a little with his thumb and forefinger. Within seconds, Aaron's hips were moving faster and he was gasping and grunting regularly. Mark noticed too that his testicles had increased in size a little and had pulled up tight against his body, while the skin of his scrotum was no longer a slack, smooth-skinned sack. Instead now it was much Preteen Incest more compact, its skin having thickened and crinkled up, causing it to take on the look of a peach pit filled with two large bird eggs."Fuck!" Aaron gasped, suddenly, in a rasping voice. A little more clearly he cried "I'm gonna cum!"Quickly Mark sped up his sucking and began pressing Aaron's gland, which felt a bit larger than when he started, a little harder as he rubbed it. As he did, Aaron began practically thrashing about, gasping and whimpering.Suddenly Aaron's back arched up off the bed, and his body twisted a little and tensed for a second. Mark felt his sphincter and buttocks grip his finger, then a second later, as he relaxed, Mark's mouth was flooded with warm, salty liquid, which blasted out of the tip of Aaron's penis"AAawwwwwwwww!!!" Aaron growled passionately, in a deeper, relieved tone than Mark was accustomed to hearing come from him.As Mark's cock flexed with excitment over the pleasure he realized he was obviously giving his little step-brother, he was surprised by the amount of cum Aaron had produced. Knowing there would soon be more though, he quickly swallowed it, as he continued swiftly rocketing his head up and down, and sliding his finger in and out of Aaron's anus, rubbing his prostate.Not even a second later, Aaron tensed again, and again groaning with pleasure he blew another equally as voluminous amount of jism into Mark's mouth."Oh God!" Aaron murmured passionately, just before his body stiffened yet again, and joyously he shot still more semen into Mark's waiting mouth."MMmmmmmmm..." Aaron moaned happily, as he felt Mark swallowing his load."Fuuucck!" he gasped a second later, as he came again. He'd had plenty of orgasms with Kyle, but for some reason, this one with Mark seemed more intensely pleasureful to him.Aaron spasmed a few more times yet, each time becoming less and less intense, and producing less and less jism, until finally, his orgasm ended with one last squeeze of his kegel muscle, which produced only a little semen, which drooled from his piss slit onto Mark's tongue.When Aaron's orgasm was over, his balls and groin ached slightly, as if he'd over-emptied himself. He felt exuberant and relaxed though, and couldn't stop grinning to himself.Mark slowed down his manipulations, but continued slowly sucking up and down Aaron's rod, and gently fingering his swollen prostate. Aaron thoroughly enjoyed the post-cum action, and soon felt himself building for one final spasm of pleasure."Mmmmm..." he moaned, a half minute later, smiling, as he tensed, and drooled a last bit of residual sperm in Mark's mouth."God Damn!" Aaron gasped, softly a moment later, in an incredulous tone, as Mark finally pulled off him, having sucked his penis dry, and at the same time, slowly pulled his finger from his hole.Mark sat up and back on his heels then, swallowing Aaron's final bit of goodness. Smiling, he said, "So, was it good for you?""You have to ask?" Aaron cried, looking at Mark incredulously.Mark chuckled and said, "Guess not! But, I gotta say Bro, your stuff tastes awesome, and shit man - you put out a lot of it!"Aaron grinned at Mark's compliments, then said, "I can say the same for you too!"Mark grinned back at him, then rolled over Aaron's leg, onto his back, and crawled up to lay next to him again. * * *"So was it as good as when Kyle does you?" Mark asked, quickly, hoping to catch Aaron off-guard."Better!" Aaron said without hesitation. "Honestly, that was the best suck job I ever had!"A second later, the huge grin that had spread over Aaron's face instantly vanished, as he realized Mark had just tricked him into admitting he and Kyle were fooling around.As a look of guilt and fear, mixed with betrayal spread over Aaron's face, Mark chuckled and said, "Relax. I figured you two were messing around - you've been with him constantly, and you never seemed so happy. Besides, you had to have some practice from somewhere to get as good as you are at sucking!"Aaron's expression relaxed a little, Preteen Incest but not completely, he still looked upset."What?" Mark said.Aaron looked at him a moment, then said, "I wasn't supposed to tell anyone about me and Kyle!""Well, that's normal," Mark said, smiling benevolently. "Relax. Your secret's safe with me. I won't let on to anyone - not even him!"Aaron relaxed then, and Preteen Incest smiled again."Thanks," he said. Then, thinking a minute he asked, "So... have you been with other guys too?""Of course!" Mark snorted. Chuckling he said, "I had a fuck buddy back in California. We had sex all the time."Both a little surprised at Mark's openess, yet excited to hear Mark had been so sexually active, Aaron completely forgot himself and asked, "Was it the Blond or the Asian guy?"As Mark's face instantly fell, and he looked at Aaron with a shocked and somewhat haunted expression on his face, Aaron realized he'd again let the cat out of the bag. Instantly he looked guilty and worried."Wh-where did you come up with that?" Mark asked, staring at Aaron, his face warming up slightly.As Aaron's mind raced to come up with a plausible response, Mark realized Kyle had to have told Aaron about the time he'd almost walked in on him, then watched him jacking off when he had the picture of Jon fucking Han up the ass up on his computer screen."Kyle told you! Right?" Mark growled, feeling pissed off at both Kyle for not keeping quiet, and himself for not having locked the bedroom door that day to begin with.As Aaron's expression turned guiltier yet, Mark knew he was right."It slipped out," Aaron said. "He didn't mean to tell me, and he hasn't and won't tell anyone else! Please don't be mad!"Mark thought a minute, then realized it really didn't matter if Aaron knew. He also realized Kyle probably did just slip, but that he wouldn't have a reason to slip about it with anyone but Aaron. Still, Mark felt a little vulnerable realizing Kyle hadn't bought his story that it was a masculine looking girl Jon was fucking in the picture. That meant Kyle knew he was gay, or at least bi. He prayed the twerp would keep his mouthshut about that with everyone else!Sighing heavily, Mark said, "He better keep quiet about it!""He will!" Aaron stressed. "I know he will!"Neither said anything for a few seconds. Finally, unable to stand it any longer, Aaron said, "So... which one was your fuck buddy?"Mark looked at Aaron, snorted and cracked a small smile, and said "You really are a horn dog aren't you?""Well, I kinda thought that was obvious!" Aaron chuckled and looked pointedly down at his crotch.Mark chuckled too when he looked down and saw that Aaron was already sporting a semi-erection again."God damn son!" he cried. "You're Preteen Incest a regular Perve!"As he broke into laughter, Aaron laughed along too, although a little nervously, and his face darkened a little too. He didn't know if he should be embarrassed or not for having such an active libido."Well," Mark said, grinning at Aaron, as his own penis began to quickly pump up again. "There's nothing wrong Preteen Incest with being horny! It's totally normal for guys our age!"Relieved, and happy to hear Mark including him in his age group, Aaron's smile became genuine, and his face began to cool down. He broke into a full grin as he glanced over at Mark's crotch and saw that he too was stiffening up again. His own penis quickly began to fully harden in response."Are you ever going to tell me?" Aaron asked, looking back up at Mark's face."Tell you what?" Mark asked, truly confused. He too had been studying Aaron's sex organ and looked back up at Aaron blankly."Which one were you having sex with?" Aaron badgered, insistently.Mark laughed then and said, "Oh! The blond guy - Jon. The Asian's his new boyfriend Han.""That's kinda what I thought," Aaron said. He thought for a minute then about how Kyle had described the picture he'd seen on Mark's computer. As he thought about it, he reasoned that if the blond boy was fucking the Asian boy, he must be a "top" then. Suddenly he wondered if Mark and Jon had ever actually fucked, and if they did, whether Mark was the "top" or the "bottom". If Jon was topping Han, then, would that mean Mark was a "bottom"?"What?" Mark asked, finally. He'd been watching Aaron, as all these thoughts raced through the boy's mind, and when he saw Aaron's brow furrow, he knew he had a question about something.Aaron was thinking so intently, he was a little startled when Mark asked "What?". He realized he must've been daydreaming. Tinging slightly pink, he said, "Well, I was just wondering... if Jon and this Asian guy actually fuck - well, did you and Jon ever fuck too?"Smiling Mark said, "Of course."Aaron's eyes widened slightly and his penis flexed a little as he realized Mark had "gone all the way" with someone."Haven't you and Kyle tried it yet?" Mark asked then, surprising Aaron a little.His face reddening a little, Aaron said, "Well... we tried, but... it didn't work.""What do you mean?" Mark asked, sounding genuinely concerned.Hearing Mark's concern, Aaron's embarrassment instantly dissipated, and he said, "It hurt like Hell when he tried to stick his dick in me, and the same thing happened when I tried to put mine in him, so we stopped right away, and haven't tried again.""Oh," Mark said."Did that happen with you and Jon?" Aaron quickly followed up with.Smiling a little, Mark said, "Well, actually, it did the first time we tried... but, he talked to his older brother, and he explained how to do it so it doesn't hurt.""Really?" Aaron cried, a little incredulously. "So, it can be done so it doesn't hurt then?""Of course!" Mark chucked."Will you teach me how?" Aaron asked, sounding almost urgent.Surprised, Mark's Preteen Incest eyebrows shot up as he looked at him."Sure Aar," He said, smiling, as his dick surged suddenly. "But, only if you're sure you really want me to.""Oh I do!" Aaron cried, smiling, as his penis twitched wildly. "I keep thinking it's gotta be great, but, I don't know what to do to make it be great."Mark chuckled and said, "Well, it can be, and if you want me to show you how to make it be, I will.""Thanks Mark!" Aaron cried joyously, causing Mark to break into another grin."So... do you want to learn to fuck or be fucked, or both?" Mark asked."Both!" Aaron said, without hesitation. He blushed slightly when Mark looked at him with a somewhat curious grin on his face. He didn't notice Mark's penis flex violently though."OK," Mark said, his smile broadening."Um..." Aaron said, frowning a little, uncertain of whether or not he should ask. He had to know though, so he asked, "When you and Jon did it, well... did you fuck him, or did he fuck you?""Both," Mark said, smiling.Aaron was relieved Mark didn't seem upset with his question, but wasn't actually satisfied with Mark's answer. He realized then he hadn't asked what he really wanted to know. Not thinking again about whether or not he should ask, he blurted, "What I mean is, do you like fucking or being fucked better?""Oh," Mark said, unperturbed by Aaron's follow-up question. "Um... Well, I'll do both, but I prefer to do the fucking. That's called being a 'top'. You're a 'bottom' if you like taking better than giving.""Oh!" Aaron said, "OK... and um, well I knew about the labels. I just wondered which you were.""I see," Mark said, chuckling a little. "I suppose since you and Kyle couldn't get it to work for you, you don't know which you like better yet, huh?""No," Aaron said, sounding a little sad."Well, the best way to figure it out is to try both," Mark said, and without waiting for Aaron to ask the question he was certain to respond with, he said, "so, we'll do both. I'll fuck you, and you can fuck me too, and then maybe you can figure out what you like better.""Really?" Aaron asked, surprised. He thought Mark probably would only want to stick his dick inside him, and not take his at all if he was a 'top'."Sure!" Mark said. "I bet we both enjoy both!"Aaron grinned and said, "I hope so! I really want to try it with you - both ways!""Cool!" Mark said."So... when do you want to do it?" Aaron asked.Mark chuckled and looked first at Aaron's hardon, then his own, and then back at Aaron, who had also been looking down and then looked back at him."How 'bout we start right away?" Mark asked."Fantastic!" Aaron cried, his cock flexing with excitement. "What do we do?"Mark chuckled, and glanced over at the clock on his night stand."Well," he said. "It's a good thing we have so much time before the rents and Gran get home! It'll give us plenty of time to take our time and do it the right way. So, I suggest we start by showering!"Aaron looked surprised. He'd thought Mark would've just asked him to roll over and reached in his drawer for his tube of lubricant."Part of doing this properly, so it doesn't hurt, and feels wonderful for the guy taking the dick up his ass, is for him to be properly prepared! And for that to happen, he has to have a very clean ass!" Mark said, grinning leeringly at Aaron. "So, let's go hop in the shower, and we can have some fun washing each other first, then we'll come back here, and I'll teach you how to have a great anal experience!""Cool!" Aaron said, his cock surging with arousal, he loved the idea of showering with Mark."Let's go then!" Mark said, grinning, and his cock flexed too as he started to get up. * * *A few minutes later, the boys were in the shower together. Both their hardons were sticking straight out in front of them. As Aaron stood behind Mark, and Mark bent forward to adjust the water temperature, a wanton look washed over Aaron's face and his dick flexed when he saw Mark's buttocks spread open, and he caught a glimpse of Mark's lightly fur-ringed pucker.Aaron smiled when Mark's anus contracted for a second, then relaxed, causing it to look as if it was winking at him. Suddenly, Aaron had an urger to reach forward and touch Mark. He wasn't sure if he should or not though, so he stood debating with himself for a moment. When he suddenly remembered that Mark was going to let him fuck him shortly, he realized the older boy probably wouldn't care if he touched his hole with a finger, so smiling to himself, Aaron reached forward, with his index finger extended."Ohhhh..." Mark gasped, and his head spun around as he felt Aaron's finger tentatively poke his rose bud, just as he was going to straighten back up. Seeing the look of utter arousal in the boy's eyes, and also enjoying his touch, Mark smiled and remained bent over, inviting Aaron to explore his ass.Aaron relaxed, and smiled when he realized Mark wasn't upset he was playing with his anus."MMmmmm... feels nice!" Mark said, smiling encouragingly, as Aaron rubbed his finger up and down over his tight, puffy pucker several times.As Mark was clearly enjoying Aaron's little massage, Aaron realized Mark wasn't going to get upset about anything he did, and any inhibitions he'd had completely dissipated. Smiling, he dropped into a squat, so he could get a close-up look at his older step-brother's ass.Mark smiled as he watched Aaron carefully inspecting him. Purposely he clenched his kegel muscles a couple times, so Aaron could witness up close and personally, how an anal sphincter muscle operated. Aaron's smile broadened as he watched Mark's body responding to his fingering, and he rubbed Mark's pucker a little harder, which caused Mark's kegels to involuntarily clench a couple more times."You know," Mark said, and Aaron looked up at him. "The idea behind the shower was so we made sure our asses were clean enough before we started making love to each other back there!"Aaron blushed a little but looked carefully at Mark's ass again, then leaned in and sniffed a little. His penis surged a little as he smelled Mark's masculine scent."Well," he said after a moment, as he stood back up. "OK, but you seem really clean already! ... um... mind if I wash you back there though?"Mark smiled as he straightened up, then he reached behind him and gently grasped Aaron's cock, causing Aaron to suck in his breath a little, and smile."That was the idea of showering together!" Mark said, grinning.He let go of Aaron, then stepped under the showerhead and let the water cascade over his entire body for a moment. Quickly he reached behind him and spread his ass cheeks, so his anal groove got rinsed as well.As he stepped out from under the water, Mark said, "Trade places and get wet all over!"Smiling Aaron stepped forward and let the water soak him. Like Mark had done, he too reached behind him for his butt cheeks and held them open, so the water washed through his crevice."OK!" Mark said, grinning. While Aaron had been getting wet, he'd poured some body wash into his hand. "How 'bout you shut off the water a minute and we soap each other up?"Grinning, Aaron turned around and turned off the water. As soon as the spray stopped raining down on him, he felt Mark's soapy hands grabbing him. As Mark's left hand groped his genitals, his right hand pressed into Aaron's ass crack. Then, as Mark began masturbating him and alternately fondling his balls, with one hand, his other hand slid between Aaron's buttocks, and a soapy finger began rubbing up and down over his anus. The dual action caused Aaron to groan with delight, and he bent forward slightly to allow Mark's hand better access between his buttocks.Aaron couldn't believe how awesome Mark's Preteen Incest slippery hand felt as it molested him! As Mark fingered Aaron, and jacked him off, Aaron quickly began to feel an orgasm starting to form. Feeling Aaron's kegel muscles clenching repeatedly, Mark realized this, and his own groin muscles began clamping and releasing as well."God your hands feel awesome!" Aaron moaned, smiling happily, as his brother's fingers and hands pleasured his private body areas.Mark chuckled and said, "Well, you'll be good and clean for me when I'm done with you!"Aaron smiled, wondering just what Mark might do to him to give him still more pleasure. At the same time, he couldn't wait to get his hands on Mark's body too! Just thinking about it was causing his arousal level to skyrocket!Mark worked on Aaron a little longer, until he realized from the way the boy was leaning back against him with his eyes closed, breathing heavily through a slightly open mouth and flaring nostrils, that he was nearing his climax, and he wanted him to wait to cum when they were actually having sex again in a little while. Immediately, and to Aaron's great disappointment, Mark stopped fondling and rubbing Aaron."Why'd you stop?" Aaron whined, clearly upset."He must've been closer to cumming that I thought!" Mark thought to himself.He grinned then and said, "There's better things we can do than this, and I figure you'll be happy I didn't let you cum just now, so it'll be even better later on!""Oh!" Aaron said. He thought a minute, then smiled and said, "OK, well, do I get to wash you now too?""Hell yeah!" Mark grinned.Grinning again himself, Aaron reached for the bottle of body wash."MMMMmmmm..." Mark moaned a minute later when Aaron began fondling his cock and balls with a warm, soapy hand, and he felt a slippery finger sliding between his cheeks.Smiling at Mark's reaction, Aaron proceeded to molest Mark in the same way Mark had just worked on him, and within a minute, Mark was grunting and breathing heavily, as he too fought the build up of an orgasm.This time though, Mark realized before Aaron did, that he was going to blow, so he stopped Aaron, again to Aaron's disappointment.Mark had Aaron rinse off, then they traded places, and Mark rinsed off as well."OK," Mark said, as he turned off the water. "Let's dry off, then head back to my room, and I'll teach you how to enjoy being fucked!""Cool!" Aaron said, feeling both excited, but a little nervous as well. Having been able to really study Mark's hardon with his hands, he wasn't sure he would be able to take it up his ass, without his opening being ripped!Mark had been watching Aaron's expression carefully, anticipating the boy might have second thoughts, and he noticed the look of mild trepidation that passed momentarily over Aaron's face."Hey!" he said, smiling gently. "We're only gonna do what you want to do, and nothing more! And if we start anything, and you want to stop - just say so, and we can stop - no hard feelings or anything. I just want this to be a wonderful experience for you, and if it starts to turn into anything other than that, you let me know OK?"Aaron was surprised by Mark's statement, and a little embarrassed, but also completely relieved. Then, as he looked up at Mark and saw the caring expression on his face, Aaron felt a wave of warm happiness spread through him, and his eyes welled a little with tears. He couldn't believe how fortunate he'd been to get a step-brother like Mark when his mother remarried."Thanks!" Aaron said, in a slightly thick voice. He wanted to hug Mark, but wasn't sure if he should. Instead, he added, "I want to try everything, and I know you won't hurt me!""Absolutely not!" Mark said. Then, sensing Aaron's desire to hug him, but his reluctance to actually do so, he reached over and drew Aaron into a hug. "And I guarantee, you'll love it all, because we'll take our time and do it Preteen Incest right!"Aaron beamed happily, and hugged Mark back, savoring the feeling of their damp, naked bodies pressing up against each other, with their hardons pressed between them."OK then," Mark said, grinning, his nostrils opening a little with excitement, as he released Aaron. "Let's get back to my room!""Cool!" Aaron said, smiling, and noting an increase in his heart rate.Quickly the boys left the bathroom. * * *"So, what do we do first?" Aaron asked, as they walked back into Mark's room with their hardons bobbing up and down in front of them."Well," Mark said, as he pulled the sheets and blankets up and smoothed them out, then folded them down to the foot of the bed, leaving the bed wide open, "how 'bout you just lie down in the middle of the bed with your head on the pillows?""OK," Aaron said, and he sat down on the bed, swung his feet up over the edge, and moved to the middle of the bed and laid down.Smiling, Mark crawled onto the bed and got between Aaron's legs, as Aaron spread them apart for him."Just relax now, and let whatever happens, happen," Mark said, smiling. "But, if you want me to stop anything I'm doing, just say so, OK?""OK," Aaron said, and he smiled adoringly at Mark. At the same time, his erection pulsed with anticipation.Seeing Aaron's smile, Mark suddenly felt warmth spreading in his chest. He smiled at Aaron, as he moved his body up over Aaron's and said softly "I love you Aar.""I love you too Mark," Aaron said. He'd couldn't remember ever feeling so happy! He was surprised though when Mark suddenly leaned over him and gently kissed him on the lips, although his penis flexed with excitement.Aaron was even more surprised, when Mark settled his body completely on top of him, with his massive hardon pressing into the inside of his upper thigh, and dug his hands under him, pushing them behind his back, effectively wrapping his arms around Aaron, and pulling him into an embrace.He was extremely surprised, when Mark began kissing him again then. This time though, it wasn't just a peck on the lips. This time Mark continued kissing him, and he kissed him more firmly, and passionately, just like when a man and woman kiss before they have sex, similar to scenes Aaron had seen in some movies!A little uncertain how to react, but enjoying the intimacy Mark was bestowing on him, Aaron quickly decided it would probably be best if he tried to follow Mark's lead, so he wrapped his arms around Mark, hugging him, and started to kiss him back. Mark hugged Aaron a little tighter then and kissed him even more ardently. As Aaron worked to mimic Mark as best he could, he found he liked kissing, and the way his and Mark's naked bodies were crushed together.As if all that wasn't enough, Aaron became even more surprised, when he suddenly felt Mark's tongue snake through his lips and into his mouth. As he continued to imitate Mark, and opened his mouth a little more, he felt Mark's tongue begin to explore his tongue. Instantly both his and Mark's penises surged with passion. Quickly Aaron opened his mouth wide, like Mark's was, and he began twirling his tongue around Mark's as well. As his mind raced with wonder over what they were doing, he realized that what they were doing was French kissing. He also realized he loved it! He'd never been kissed like that before, and had never felt anyone being so physically intimate with him! His heart soared with love and appreciation for Mark as the two ground their bodies together, frantically attempting to give each other tonsilectomies with their tongues. The fact that it was Mark who was kissing him that way was what thrilled Aaron the most! He knew then that Mark really did love him. It also confused him a little too though... what, he wondered, did it really mean? Did Mark love him as more than a brother??? At the same time, for a moment he quickly wondered if this was something he and Kyle would ever get to trying. He hoped so!Aaron didn't dwell on these thoughts. Instead, he quickly redirected his attention to what was happening, and drank in every luxuriously decadent and arousing moment that he and Mark spent continuing making out. And when Mark began dry humping him a little, he literally just reveled in the moment, attempting to thrust his hips against Mark as well!Both boys' began breathing harder and harder through their noses, as they continued kissing and grinding against each other for the next minute or so. Mark held out as long as he could, passionately "loving" Aaron until he simply had to stop to catch his breath. As he pulled his face away from Aaron's, both boys stared at each other with surprised looks on their faces, as their lungs heaved for air. After a moment though, first Mark, then Aaron smiled."Damn!" Mark said a little incredulously, panting a little. "You're a fucking fantastic kisser Aaron!"At first, Aaron felt himself blush a little, but then he beamed at Mark's compliment, and his penis jerked a little with excitement. He was surprised, but happy to hear that Mark thought he kissed so well."OK," Mark said, after a moment, as his breathing returned to normal. "Just relax now."Mark leaned to his right then and started licking Aaron's ear, causing the boy to giggle a little.Although Aaron's ear was clean, as Mark dug the tip of his tongue as deep into Aaron's auditory opening as he could, he caught the faintest flavor of ear wax. That, and the fact that Aaron's giggling had escalated, and he starting crying "S-Stop!", caused Mark to move to his ear lobe, which he nibbled for a moment, as Aaron's hysteria waned. Mark abandoned Aaron's ear altogether then, and kissed the side of his neck, which was warm, and even though he was freshly showered, still smelled slightly "boyish". Aaron apparently liked that, as he tilted his head up and in the opposite direction to give Mark better access to administer some more kisses, which he did. As Mark continued kissing Aaron's neck and the spot behind his ear lober, his desire built. Suddenly, in an almost vampire like way, he opened his mouth and gently sucked some of the skin on Aaron's neck into his mouth. As he did, he felt Aaron's penis flex against his lower abdomen. He wanted desperately to give Aaron a love mark, like he and Jon used to do to each other, but he knew Aaron wouldn't be able to explain it to their parents, or Kyle either, so he quickly released Aaron's skin.Mark crawled downward a little, so that his mouth was level with Aaron's breasts. He smiled as he examined Aaron's left nipple. It was small, but pert. Smiling, Mark opened his mouth and sucked the nipple as well as its surrounding flesh into his mouth. He heard Aaron's breath catch, as he sucked it in like a vacuum. Again, Mark had the urge to create a love bite, right on Aaron's breast, but again he stopped. Instead, he let all but the nipple itself slide from his mouth. Then, he began gently nibbling on it, which caused Aaron to gasp as his body tensed and his hardon flexed again for a moment. As Mark continued to nibble on Aaron's nipple, Aaron's breath became erratic, and his body began to tremble a little underneath Mark. Aaron relaxed for a moment when Mark released his nipple, but gasped anew when Mark moved to his right nipple and gave it equal time. Although Aaron seemed to like having his nipples worked on, Mark was soon bored, and abandoned them. Next he kissed and licked his way

Preteen Incest
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